Wedding Day

Love and distance. I know that story.

My beloved friend Val got married on the 11th, I couldn't make it, I already knew that but still I was sad. But not for long, she posted a couple of photos (just a preview of her photo session) and I could see not only happiness but a sweet mood.
They where shot in local places, streets of town (they wed in Puerto Vallarta). They are very casual but unique. Just like them.

Love and distance... Val has to move as I did, she and I have some similar stories. I love you my sweet angel. 

Photography: Paulina Ulloa
Dress: Cymbeline

Here's a little song I wish I had danced at my wedding, when I heard it I could relate to the story, as when we get lost we usually find ourselves. This happened to both husband and me, he found me across the ocean, I found myself in this journey. Love and distance...

Find Yourself by Brad Paisley.


Rise & Shine

Happy days start with happy stomachs. I remember when I was younger I used to skip breakfast a lot. My father always insisted that I had to change that.

Now I can't start my day without it. Even though I have an early start, and do a couple of chores in-between, I still get to have a nice breakfast every day. For the week I make it simple, in weekends we do cook something more elaborate and fun.

Here's how I do it:
1. Make a pot of coffee for husband (while he still in the shower).
2. Wash some berries and put them in a bowl of cereal and skimmed milk.
3. Go wake up kid.
4. Put a slice of bread to toast. In the meantime start eating cereal.
5. Go and help Ander get dressed, wash face & teeth.
6. Go back to kitchen and eat toast with a little cream cheese and a small glass of orange juice. While doing that I put some water to boil.
7. Make Ander's breakfast and serve on the dining room, he's already waiting. Put the water in my cup with a tea bag already in.
8. Get coats, shoes, Ander's backpack, we're almost ready. ¡Tea is ready!. A couple of sips and away we go!

Breakfast is like the beginning of our routine, but a very fun one, having one bathroom and a tiny kitchen makes it a little tricky as we bump into each other all the time. As we go in and out of rooms, we share kisses and hugs, eat in-between and run. I love it!

¡Happy morning!

Photos: Elli O.



Photos: Elli O.

Last week I had a beautiful birthday. I spent the morning in the city and had a birthday coffee at Katy's. When I got back I dressed up for my date with Ander, who "invited" me to dine at McDonald's.

My family called and sang "Las Mañanitas" as every year. I Had cupcakes with husband and son. Then I changed into a beautiful dress, put on pink lipstick and went out for some drinks with my girls.

I can say that I feel very comfortable in my own skin now. Even though times are hard, I'm pretty lucky to have lovely people around me. I'm happy.

Top 5 of my birthday:
1. Tiny arms around me (son's hugs).
2. Pink cupcakes and macaroons from here.
3. This song.
4. Blowing candles with son & husband.
5. Drinks with my girls.


Sister Love

It's unique, your sisters are always there, they know you, they feel you. I miss mine every day, so much it hurts.

This two have been one of my favorite duo, they are both very stylish. This pictures for December's edition of W Magazine are stunning.

Article by Lynn Hirschberg
Photographs by Mario Sorrenti
Styled by Lori Goldstein


Chiles de Gernika

Foto: Elli O.

El sábado pasado tuvimos el placer de comer en una auténtica taquería mexicana.

Una tarde gris y lluviosa, se convirtió en una de las más agradables de los últimos años. Mikel y Luis, de Gernika y Monterrey respectivamente, fueron los anfitriones. Juntos crearon hace cuatro años la taquería mexicana Txokomex. Desde que nos "asomamos" a la cocina, notamos el exquisito olor de los guisos.

Mikel nos llevó a la Kantina, que está justo en frente, nos sentamos en la barra y disfrutamos de la conversación mientras nos preaparaba las bebidas. Yo pedí una michelada y Josu una cerveza Negra Modelo. Pedimos de todo un poco, Luis es el encargado de la cocina, con lo que cada plato tiene el sazón de México.

El ambiente es muy ameno, hay música mexicana y buena comida. Es una auténtica taquería, con guisos mexicanos y buenas "botanas" (aperitivos). Además las salsas las preparan con auténticos chiles mexicanos, cultivados en Gernika. Desde los ingredientes se puede apreciar la mezcla de culturas y sabores.

Muchas gracias, Mikel y Luis, por una tarde entrañable.

Diseño: Elli O.

Entre taco y taco pudimos hablar con Eugenio y Dani, quienes han formado ASIME, una asociación que promociona la integración entre las culturas de Euskadi y México. Una de las actividades que tienen actualmente es un altar de muertos.

En México se celebra el "Día de Muertos" el 2 de Noviembre; la fiesta se destaca por los altares, en los que cada persona monta una estructura con fotografías, velas, papeles de colores, flor de cempasúchil y comida  (la que "el difunto" disfrutaba más en vida). Como muchas cosas en México, es una fiesta que llena de color un evento "triste".

El Altar lo ha montado Jaime Yacaman, originario de Toluca, y estará en exhibición hasta el domingo 13 de Noviembre en la calle Barrenkale No. 24 (al lado de la "takeria").


Sophisticated in the dark

Still in her "Lisbeth Salander" look, Rooney Mara is exquisite in this photos for November's edition of Vogue US. Beautiful. Here's a behind the scenes.

I really liked the article by Jonathan Van Mete.

Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Hair: Paul Hanlon
Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury

Visual treat

I just can't stop talking about this movie. With so much going on in life: the economic crisis, responsibilities toward the education of our boy and our ability to change things. Everything seems too deep sometimes.

To actually enjoy and take something of art seems impossible with all these distractions.

Husband and I finally had some time to be together, I told him about a movie I really wanted to see, he agreed. So we did, movie night: Drive. I can't really explain what I was feeling, this piece is amazing, is a ver well done movie. Everything is carefully chosen, the script, the cast, the very visual director. You end up expierencing all sort of emotions.

My favorite from Drive:

1. Pink Mistral type in opening credits and this song as they appear.
2. Driver's satin jacket by costume designer Erin Benach.
3. The elevator scene, no words and so much said.
4. Music, as many of my favorite films, the score and songs are another character to the story.
5. The cast. I know everybody talks about Ryan, but the whole cast is nothing but spectacular.
6. Mr. Nicolas Winding Refn. From the moment I heard his speech in Cannes, where he thanked the jury for "their good taste", I knew I would love his film.

Photos: drive-movie.com