Twenty Five, Ninety Five

That's the price of my super lovely buy of the season, I fell in love with this pants at first sight. So spring, so colorful, so happy and fun. And affordable!

I loved Kate Spade's campaign for this season, ever since I watched their musical chairs I became obsessed with the look with the pink pants. Once I got them, it was a matter of adding some accesories and patterned heels (look 1).

Even though I love style I'm not one of those girls that buy all new trends every season. I have to buy on budget so I'm pretty realistic when it comes to fashion, I'd love to accessorize or use more colors, but I have to keep it real and simple. Besides if you are comfortable and feel nice you show it and that's all that matters.

Happy pink spring!

Photography by Elli O.



All this things happening, so incredible challenges, but most important, opportunities. My father always says to me how we have to be able to take chances and grab opportunities as they come, 'cause they don't do so often.

The only thing is that I've been running for the last month like a maniac, and I mean literally, I even take my flats in my bag to make errands after visiting clients, and still be able to pick up Ander on time.

My lovely boy has been amazing and supportive, I've been trying to balance a couple of important projects and being a mom. I've even managed to have him a play date with cupcakes and all, it was the first time he had a school friend at home and he was pretty proud.

Hopefully I'll soon be able to show here some new products for my Creative Shop. So excited! Even though my moments may be on blur they look as beautiful as this picture, taken by Ander.

Have a nice week.

photo by Ander Iribar