Such wonderful pieces created by an agency called Love. Beautiful choice of color and typography, exquisite photography of ordinary people, becoming someone else.

Via Black Eiffel.


Here in the north we have a kind of bittersweet spring, some days it comes shinny and light, others gray and cool. But that can´t stop us from embracing our sunny days, go out on your bike and enjoy the breeze.

For me the most lovely thing of this spring is yellow, this season is so colorful, that it overshadows any gray mood. So beautiful.

Since tha launching of the collection I adored Kate Spade's spring campaign featuring Bryce Dallas Howard. And then I saw she is in the movie The Help. The poster is gorgeus and fun, another movie to the list, waiting for a soon release in Spain.


Melancholia from Zentropa on Vimeo.

Very few times I take a ride into the dark worlds of some artists. I've just seen two of Lars Von Trier's movies, though his projects deal mostly with values and ethics, I feel I have to be in a very special mood to see his work. I saw 'Dancer in The Dark', because Björk was starring and singing. That experience was very disturbing, I loved the performances, the music, the cast was brilliant, but it was very intense for me, I guess the feeling I got afterwards.

Then I saw 'Dogville' which I found very well done and interesting, I thought the journey of the characters was so disturbingly real, and found the set to be extraordinary, the movie evolves in a kind of theater set, no exteriors or special effects, the walls and gardens are created by our own mind, as we are told through drawn lines where is everything. I really loved the photography and the performances.

And that's it, as much as I love Charlotte Gainsbourg I didn't saw 'Anthicrist' it was too much for me. When I found out about 'Melancholia' I didn't hesitated on watching the trailer. This few seconds can show a beautiful art direction, photography, and of course, Charlotte.

On the web page, you can read under the trailer: "A beautiful movie about the end of the world".

Struck by

An amazing voice and poetry. Adele's words are really stories women can relate to. But she also sings them in a way I can only imagine happened in nightclubs in the 60's where a singer could make an audience go completely quite in awe of her gifted voice. No skinny dancers, no lasers or huge screens. Only a piano and herself, that's talent.

Rue Magazine

Found out about this gorgeous magazine through an interview to Megan Knight Gonzalez. I loved her studio and made a post about it. This magazine has become in one of my must reads, and it introduced me to the wonderful Bri Emery, which I think, emanates a very positive attitude about design and style, work and the challenges of life. Love to read her Design Love Fest. Love, what a wonderful philosophy of work, life.