Pakistan Help

Como ya saben muchos, la situación en Pakistán ha llegado a nivel de emergencia. Aunque estamos en una situación económica complicada, tal vez podamos encontrar la forma de colaborar, si es así, les dejo un tarjeta de agradecimiento. Yo, aunque pequeño, haré un donativo en nombre de varios miembros de mi familia, con los que compartiré este pequeño gesto, a través de las tarjetas.

Si están interesados pueden hacer su donativo aquí.

Una pequeña nota: Mi querida amiga Val me ha dejado un poco de espacio en su site para albergar las etiquetas. La tipografía utilizada en el título es de descarga gratuita por Conqueror, pertenece a un proyecto que recomienda una impresión más responsable.


As most of you should know, Pakistan has reached an emergency level, as devastation overcame by flooding. Even though the economic situation isn't the best right now, maybe we can find a way to help. If this is so, I leave a little thank you card. In my case I'll make a little contribution in the name of my family and friends, so I'll share this gesture with them, through the cards I intend to send them.

If you're interested in making a donation you can do it here.

Note: My beloved friend Val lend me some space in her site to upload de tags. The font used for the logo is a free download from a very interesting project by Conqueror, focusing in a more responsible printing.



At this hard times we are reminded of the strength of our relationships. Changes are affecting our life, this economic phase is really shaking things up. For me all of this becomes a challenge, as my father survived one of the most hard crisis in Mexican history, he did it remarkably and emerged a wiser much stronger man.

He's now enjoying some of his life effort and he does it with such joy. So for us as family it is a lesson to follow.

As I keep cutting budget in supplies, and sadly fashion, I found a way to keep getting some things, trade. In change for some extra work I traded a couple of things with some clients-friends.

Through this new kind of currency I got this baby, my old iMac, the one I used in one of the agencies I worked.

While working today I found this song via Floddertje. I kept playing it while I wrote this. Cute.

Crochet by Dom Mino'

Brigitte Lacombe

It's always important to keep a photo journal of projects. Whenever I shoot places or products, or just a little glass for my portfolio I take a lot of time preparing the elements, accesories, light, and sometimes is in this scenario where you find perfect pictures.

I wish I could have my own Brigitte Lacombe, I saw her shots from Marie Antoinette's film set and I just felt that I was in Versailles that summer.

Can't wait to get her book, her work is just breathtaking. Extraordinary.

Via Her Name Was Lola

Melissa Chaib

Mexican illustrator (from Monterrey, ¡yei! homeland) has a fun and free style in her pieces. Her work and clever statements made my day.

As I read her diary I get her fearless attitude, love her work and her thoughts. Another artist to follow.

Via Here Name Was Lola