In good company

I love to see when design and charity come along and bring people together for fun and a purpose.

As I started reading about Ashley Ann's book party I felt so inspired to keep looking for charitable messages to spread through design. She did an amazing project that required time, dedication, but mostly a charity objective: to donate children's books for The Joyful Life Library, more about this project after the jump.

Here are some pics of her party, loved the invitations, the popcorn boxes, the tags for kids to fill so that they directly give the book.

Her blog is amazing, I found immersed in all her initiatives, she's a dedicated mom, and a conscientious one, 'cause one of the things I look the most in people is the responsibility of teaching kids our place in the world, our humanity, our ability to help.

The Joyful Life Library

After I saw all the pictures and read all the party details I clicked on the gorgeous logo por this cause. And truly found it admirable.

This project came after loss, Heather from blessed little nest, shared the story of her little Samuel, who passed at 6 weeks old. I can't imagine to overcome something like that, she's been able to share it and invite everyone to honor life, through acting. Thank you Heather.

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For these gorgeous outfits from J. Crew's fall collection. The ads show the cast of The Romantics.


Focus II

I have to accept that one of my most beloved distractions is the appreciation of other designer's work.

Mostly women, I spend most of my afternoons listening to music, and enjoying so delightful stories from this girls, they share so much through their pieces.

Tea and art, it's practically narcotic.

Since I've been collecting this blogs for a while I'll post this three at once.

Blanca Gómez
With so little, shapes and color she can project so much.

Suz Sánchez
Blown away by her patterns of life.

Verónica de Arriba
Gorgeous characters we meet through paper, necklaces and all sort of materials.

All this gals are spanish, two of of them from Bizkaia, which makes me so happy, I used to meet artists through friends at exhibitions (back in my city), now I'm happy that I keep on finding them through other channels, but still can enjoy their work and purchase it. So motivating, to see, share ... to be.

Hands as instrument

When I go to art exhibitions, and stare at beautiful paintings or sculptures I feel so thankful for being able to show a litlle of what my thoughts are in a decent way.

Back in the days, artists were experts in several techniques, from drawing, painting, shaping, all with natural elements and their mind wide open.

Now for designers like me, its possible to translate some clients ideas into images, with taste and clever shape picks, because of the help of software.

But we still can find amazing and truly breathtaking design, that can be called art.

Irma Gruenholz's beautiful clay illustrations are amazing, the combination of materials create gorgeous environments.

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Been a little bit out of my path. But now I have some time off (mummy and wife duties) so I'll try to focus and make a planner so I can manage time better.

I'm listening to Regina Spektor's Far, got my camera ready. Lots of ideas I still have to put on paper.

Been practicing a little more of Illustrator tricks. I follow some blogs that publish tutorials, one is Jay Hilgert's bittbox, but the one I really love is Veerle Pieters's blog, they're both great but I can relate to Veerle's style. This two not only share their talent but they really care about design and the way we approach it in order to be better.



On friday we went to one of the many local festivities of this year. One of the good things I've enjoyed the most since I moved here are this events, each town has its own, there are concerts and lots of traditional things that I still don't completely understand. This plus my favorite time of year in Euskadi, summer, they are magical, beautiful colors and sun until 10 pm. ¡amazing! (personally I think is kind of a compensation for hard winters).

One of the most important moment of each night is when they ignite fireworks. This was Ander's first time, since they do it pretty late for him, and he was pretty excited.

There we were on the grass on a lovely night, me and my two basques. Ander was so happy, but tired too. I looked at him, all smiley, he said: "¡Wow!, they look really ¡cool! ¿When do we go home to bed?". Sweet moment.