Rebuild and Reborn

Sometimes I make myself believe I'm not able to create things with my own hands anymore. I've been working for so long behind my computer that I forget the magical feeling of shaping something, creating a lovely box from a piece of paper or ironing prints into fabric, I don't do those things as often as I used to.

I found this gorgeous episode from a talented group of women, Spruce Upholstery, they are launching a tv pilot and I loved it. They rebuild furniture into unique amazing pieces, when they explain some of the process in this video they tell how we can preserve some old structures and give them a new look. For me this is kind of a motivational profession, as you need a lot of patience and dedication into one piece at the time, so inspirational.

I truly enjoyed this videos, made me want to sew, lets hope I can manage to stick to this task and do it.

Process: Upholstery with Spruce Home from Etsy on Vimeo.

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A cold saturday, another rainy day, looks like the days of light drizzle are here. After some errands I'm finally home, put some noodles, cuddling up in my blanket as I listen to this lovely song.

Azure Ray "Don't Leave My Mind" from Drawing Down the Moon

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Sophie's Eyes

I remember clearly how I fell in love with Annie Lennox's "Why", from her extraordinary Diva. I thought this gorgeous creature was so intimate, little I knew, I thought the song was sad, but it is until now that I understand completely her sadness, and that it explores some of the pain that carries the complicated state of marriage.

And the images are still with me, her eyes as she puts on her make up, so sincere, we look at her through a mirror.

That was my introduction to the visions of Sophie Muller, I don't get to watch to many musical videos, but I found this one and loved it, her recent project, Brandon Flowers "Only the Young".

It features the cast of La Rêve in Las Vegas. Amazing.

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The color of stories

I knew something about the movie For Colored Girls, since I coincidentally saw a poster of one of the characters. But it was until I saw the intimate look of this gorgeous illustration that I actually watched the trailer. Extraordinary introduction through Marion Bolognesi's art.