Vancouver 2010

The Olympics are already here, and I haven't even noticed, my God, I'm really into my routine.

Anyway, I went into their site today, to get the schedule, and noticed cute little icons on the right corner of the images for every sport.

Meet the mascots of this edition of the Winter Olympics Quatchi the Sasquatch, Miga the Sea Bear, and Sumi the Thunderbird. This adorable creatures are work of Vancouver-based Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy of Meomi Design.

Lovely work!


Show the Love

Valentine's is not a holiday here, but we get to have some of the marketing mania, between movies, romantic getaways or special gifts.

But no one here really honors Love for what it is, and for me is so appealing, whether is set on February 14th or not, I really believe that celebrating Love should happen every now and then.

A perfect excuse just to say I love you, comes with Rachel Wile's Valentine's DIY products. Sorry for us her cute Love Coupon Matchboxes are sold out, but they're worth watching at least, what a beautiful project.

I liked the candy bars too, the templates are for download purchase at her etsy store.

Via the dieline

Here's a little song, just to keep us in the LOVE mood. ¡Enjoy!


Layered Spring

Here, that's not just a concept, but a reality. Since I moved, seven years ago,I haven't seen the spring, the season goes by and I keep wearing coats, foulards, gloves, all kind of clothing that can keep be warm.

So this gorgeous layered spring looks by Aubin & Wills are just so inspiring, layering gets to be fun, this colors are just lovely.

One thing I've learned from my friends here is not to fear weather, we can get to use dresses or shorts by layering. I still don't risk enough to use tights with sandals, but this definitely look good.

Via frolic


Shake It

I´m in love with this iphone app, just got it and keep taking pictures and shaking my phone, so fun.

I don't remember where I saw this first, but looking into this gorgeous site I thought about it again.

I took the second picture on a very cold wednesday morning, the sun was just rising and I thought it was a beautiful sight.

Via designworklife