Nice to meet you II

They've been some improvements since my post about professional meetings. A new tool has arrived, a beautiful white iPad (thanks mom & dad!).

Selling has become a very important part in my professional life, somehow I'm having a lot of meetings where I have to make a presentation. Getting people together and try collaborations has been my priority. So I've been updating (on a budget) my looks. One thing I had to put in consideration was the iPad case. There are so many gorgeous covers out there, I wanted one that was both protective and stylish, I went for budget and color to make the list shorter.

I decided to pick a black one, that's my color, I have to deal with that. So I went for a beautiful clutch by Marshall Bergman. Fits both iPad and Macbook Air 11", it's perfect!.

Now the looks:
I've been trying both casual and formal looks, depending on the client. For the first one I went a little urban, with a T-shirt and jacket. Medium height heels, more comfortable in case you have to run to another appointment.

For the second one I went for something a little bit formal, not too much, I got this top at Zara and fell in love, the back it's just exquisite. In this case I used super high heels and red lipstick.

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Shades of Blue

So in love with this photos of the extraordinary Christina Hendricks, she graces the cover of the latest issue of  The Hollywood Reporter. Feminine and provocative as her character in Mad Men.

Photos: Joe Pugliese