Imogen Heap

Every time I get into this sharing mania, I kind of feel so close to my friends. It all started this morning, working on a logo (after assembling my tables, succesfully). I got up (still kind of stuck), took one book, in search of inspiration, grabbed my coffee, and then I started thinking, cause that happens when I try to distract myself from my tasks.

I thought of the times when I was single, and dreamed of having a kid, then a song came to my mind. Went to the shelf where my old cd's are (the ones I brought from Monterrey). I started laughing, remembering all sort of things. I think I have a specific memory for some of the songs.

Then I shared on facebook what I was doing, my good friend Dany replied. And finally we got to the point of a little mission: listen to women's music for today. Since one of my recent acquisitions is indeed an extraordinary album, from a girl, here's my share. I love this album, I play it a lot for my work mood, It makes me imagine things.

Love: First Train Home, Tidal, Aha!, Half Life.



It's about our surrounding

I'm really dizzy with lots of stuff to do. This morning I got up really really early, to finish a newsletter, went to buy some tables for our living room (wich I have to assemble still), and I'm kind of stuck with a new logo.

That's why I started to read my favorite blogs. I bumped into a Jesica Hische interview for Semi-Permanent. I love her work, it's not only delicate and detailed, she works most of the time with type, which is one of my favorite fields.

Since I really don't have a "creative" surrounding near me, I really get this kind of things as my inspirational advice. She's 25, an accomplished professional, and so inspiring, here we need more youngsters like her, because it's not only the weather that's gray, attitude is too. Hope you can enjoy it too.

Via designworklife