Party planning: Baby Shower

Yesterday we threw a surprise baby shower for our lovely Marie, who's having a baby boy. This kind of events take a lot of planning and organization. We first exchanged emails with ideas, then got together and started working. Everything was so nice and cute, our future Mamma was happy and we all had a great time. 

Here's what we did:


Starters: guacamole & eggplant dips with grilled cheese & tortilla chips
Pasta Carbonara 
White wine
Dessert: Strawberry tourbillon cake, herbal tea or coffee.



1. Photo session made with Pocketbooth app. It's pictures and laughter nonstop.
3. Follow the light lanterns by Emma Jeffs, this cuties led our surprised Mamma to the party.


Outside the box

Taking some time to reboot and think.

After some intense months I've been able to design again (or at least getting into the mood to do so). Took my camera and started doing some shots of our living room and of my little guy (he posed and all, so cute my boy!).

Been rereading some of my favorite books, trying some of the "games" that made want to become a designer. Relying on love. 

Found this article very helpful, as in this hard times is easier to look the other way. It's rough but being realistic actually helps and force us to focus in order to achieve a certain goal.