Desired Things

I've already written about the impact this poem had in my life.

I love my copy, I got it on a rainy day in London, on a lovely trip we did with my father.

I thought about having this word around the house, as a reminder of how important is to know the things we want. Sometimes I forget that I'm a proud an lucky mother to an amazing healthy and happy boy. I've always wanted to be a mother, since I can remember that was my first priority, to go through the incredible journey of creating a little baby. So I made this little installation to keep focus, and realize that I've accomplished one of my most important dreams.

The sign with the word desiderata was a gift from my dear friend Ivette. She asked her brother Felipe to make it on his workshop. Now I have your art in one of my walls, this adds so much to the project, your time, a photo from a rainy day and love. Thanks guys, you are amazing.


La Petite Galerie

My boy is turning six this month. Every year we make a little party at his school. We celebrate with other kids, this way the mom's get a little less "crazy" with all the organizing and decorating. I'm always in charge of this last part, since I already had the kid's illustrations (from last year's party), I decided to make a "Petite Galerie" theme.

An important factor was budget, always this word, but seriously it doesn't has to be expensive to be fun. I used some basic A4 paper and I made a design using this awesome frames from outside the line. I printed a dotted pattern on the back, added a little crayon (from a chinese shop) and sealed with a little transparent label. To make it a theme I called my local printer and ordered A3's that we used as place mats.

I suggested we had donuts instead of a cake (since they are six kids, and every one wanted to blow their own candle). They agreed and I went for some at a local store.

The kids liked it very much, in every invite there was one empty frame, so they could draw their own portrait. We had lots of sugar and fun. And on a budget!.

A big thank you to all the moms on the organizing committee.

Photography & Artwork: Elli O.


A Little Princess

This year started with lots of new projects and beautiful news, our dear friends Ainara & Iñigo are going to be parents of a lovely girl!. The little princess is going to be named Nerea. We celebrated with a dinner party at Marie's where her husband, Jonan, cooked for us a delicious meal (you are awesome hosts, thank you!).

I was in charge of all the decorations, here's a list of some of the things that made a cute ambient for our dinner honoring baby Nerea:

1. Marie's gorgeous table cloth, made by her sister.
2. Pink and white pom-poms, made of tissue paper.
3. Signs on card holders.
4. A "Tree of life" made with an artificial plant and some words attached to the leaves with tiny wood clips.
5. Bear moneybox for little notes with messages for Nerea.

Photography: Elli O.