I'm currently adding some details to my studio, hopefully I can come with an inspirational board (quite a task 'cause of the lack of space). As I was reading Megan Gonzalez's blog I found photos of an article for a magazine (post later) featuring her gorgeous studio. I believe that to be creative you have to start with your own work space.

Portraits on the state of love

Sean Lennon + Charlotte Kemp Muhl photo session by Alex Freund.

via Design Love Fest



Learning lessons in the appreciation of beauty through the soul. Amazing and inspiring story from a lovely woman that shares with us her passion for motherhood. The Nienie Dialogues by Stephanie Nielson.

I personally had a laugh with the picture on the Ninie asks of this post, because I happen to find our living room like that pretty often (with only one kid, that's the amazing thing, his ability to work for two).


The write stuff

Lately I've been working in some managing duties. I have quite some projects now, between personal and professional I needed to focus a little in some organization. So, I bought Bento, which I really like, it's a good database software with not only useful tools, but cute. I use it on my iMac and iphone so I keep my meeting's notes and info on the go.

Also I'm planning some sessions so I've been collecting things to use in them, like this gorgeous pencils, I first saw them on russell + hazel, I purchased a box of 10 pencils in a local store, they're not exactly this ones, but still precious for writing great ideas.

Next on my priorities is to keep on learning, I'm following all of Michael Surtees's design notes, reading him feels like attending a seminar, so interesting. Another useful site I'm reading is about data visualization, I'm in the need of translating some data into graphics and honestly I'm astonished with all the kind of programming and tools for this matter.

Happy start of a new set of months for this journey called life. As my father says, every morning is a happy one, the rest of the day could be as dark as you like, but always start happy.