Here it is, the sun is still reluctant, but summer is here.

And I'm really into movies this year. Even though there are so many things to do, between tons of local festivities and the beach, I'm really expecting this year San Sebastian's Film Festival,hoping they show a couple of movies I'm really into. Sofia's Somewhere and Lisa Cholodenko's The Kids Are All Right, ever since I saw the trailer, back in april I just fell for it. It looks like a very fun movie and the cast is amazing.



My last post was about nature at rage, claiming its right to flow through what now became concrete structures on the way of what once was the path for water to flow.

My beloved Monterrey has been punished by a disaster, fortunately human losses were minimal, but the city has collapsed and has a lot of material damage.

Even if we are far there are ways to help, through our family and friends. Even through art, because this is happening to fast, our planet is starting to complain about all the exceeds of humans. Today is in one place far, tomorrow it could be near.

Diego Huerta made a series of photos about this particular disaster, there are breathtaking, a testimony of what happened through damage and people. Because one of our proudest treasures is our people, so many of them poor, but happy.

Thank you Diego for this gesture. And thank you to all who are there helping, thank you to those gorgeous kids that made of some pictures a statement: Let's rise, we can do it.

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Es el momento...

De regalar momentos. Después de un desastre natural, de vernos a salvo, de contactar con los nuestros y dar abrazos... gracias.

Un momento, para observar, ¡estoy bien! ¿y mi familia?

Un momento, miro por la ventana, los echo de menos, ¿y yo qué puedo hacer?

Un momento y actuar, hay mucho que hacer, ser voluntario es posible, es solo eso, un momento...

Y ahora quedan trozos, el vehículo serán los pies, un momento para meditar, ¿qué hemos hecho de nuestra ciudad?

Un momento y actuar.