Hello Gorgeous

¡Wow! I started my day with this exciting news, Apple's presentation of their iPad. It's beautiful and I believe going to become one of our very favorite gadgets.


Every one has a story

And it's all about that, sometimes we are lucky in life, and we don't even see it. To most of the people it's about being born somewhere in the map, where we're able to have opportunities to survive, succeed, learn, grow, become.

Rosa Loves it's about awareness, and I really love that. They actually take a step forward and do things to improve their surrounding, there are several stories and people they help through creativity and clothing.

¿Wouldn't be nice to have a kind of Rosa Loves in every community around the world?. It would just make it easier, we could educate ourselves by acting, get to discover our humanity and hopefully pass it to our kids.

Such an inspiration.

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There it goes

A beautiful way of portraying the tragic end of an idea. I personally think that mine end up like in the second picture.

I could name my little box of wasted ideas "Le guillotine", it's just more fancy than trash. Coincidentally most of my proposals are cute and accessorized with quite a "Marie Antoinette" style (Sofia Coppola's version).

Original work by Scott Campbell.

Click here to see the Eight Ways to Kill an Idea.

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Laguntza Haití

Imagino que la mayoría se ha enterado de la situación por la que pasa Haití, en la web de UNICEF España se han habilitado cuentas para hacer donativos, de poco en poco podemos llegar a dar una gran aportación a los niños que allí representan casi el 50% de la población.

Laguntza Haití significa Ayuda Haití en euskera, he creado este ícono para distribuir el mensaje de UNICEF País Vasco de una forma un poco más gráfica, creo que lo que he aprendido al estar rodeada de pobreza (en Monterrey) es que ante la adversidad y muchas veces el dolor, la gente que menos tiene mantiene una sonrisa, y eso es admirable.

Si puedes colabora.