Gray has been the color for this month, neutral in between shades, both for scenery and emotions. For some contrast to this hectic week, a little of soft sounds. Splendid music, a must listen during my working hours.

Favorites: Kolniður, Around Us, Go, Tornado


Ex Vivian

Expressing heart and thoughts through work is such a beautiful way to communicate, in some way I feel lucky to have a sort of tool to show some of my opinions. In my case, I get to use graphics, but I've always loved the way actors, dancers, musicians use their talent to share emotions with others.

Cute indie style from Krysten Ritter, loved her sound and personality. I also loved her in Gravity.

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Just in time

For some Holiday planning, this year's christmas mood is starting to show. I was so happy to see that Ez from Creature Comforts launched Gifted, a beautiful magazine with lots of freebies and DIY projects. A true labor of collaboration and talent.

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