Sights of Spring

Just got back from a stroll, Ander has a new bike and today was his first day!! He's done really good, we had a snack on a bench and then went to the park.

A lovely day, gorgeous spring colors.

Have a nice weekend.


The Finder

One of my beloved treasures is Keri Smith's Living Out Loud. She's one of my hero's because of her constant involvement in the improvement of being, she's constantly writing inspirational articles, encouraging others to create.

Most of her methods have to do with activities that challenge us to move and create, most of the time with unusual techniques, unusual but fun, and that's extraordinary.

Nowadays it's easier to keep our mind and thoughts in a tiny box, because of all the negativity (economics, work, routine). Through this we get to learn how to be creative and go back to our childish enthusiasm, play and enjoy nature, observe instead of giving little glimpses.

One of my objectives now is to "enjoy" all the processes in my day to day activities (from doing the bed, to playing with my kid). So, yesterday I picked one of my favorite activities, it's called: The Finder.

The Finder

A finder is a small piece of cardboard (about three-by-four inches) with a one-inch-square hole cut out of the middle. In the book she explains some ways to use it, I chose the one that suggests to take it out. I packed a bag with Ander's lunch, grabbed my camera and finder, and went to pick him up from school. We went to the park and I sat on a bench, we talked, we laughed, I enjoyed the sun, got to watch a lot of things, the grass, my feet, Ander playing.

I took pictures and spent a lot of time observing through my finder, this is only a start, I can make as much finders as I like, in different colors. I had a lot of fun, plus it's hilarious when people look at you and wonder ¿What is she doing?.


Extraordinary Measures

I'm an avid reader of Gabrielle Blair's blog, Design Mom, may I just say that not only she has very interesting posts, but several other projects and ¡five kids!, and pregnant with her sixth!!!. Here I am struggling with my profession and one kid, and she has six times my challenge (and makes it), how admirable.

Anyway, she posted about a spanish designer and her amazing gesture, well hers and other illustrators. I'm talking about the project: We Are a Happy Family.

Esti from pintameldia came up with this card game that features the work of eight international artists. I've already ordered mine, for me it's a must have, not only 'cause of the gorgeous art, but because all proceeds will go to Doctors without Borders. It's a beautiful way to act.

Please take a look into Esti's beautiful blog, for me her writing, pictures, her art feel like a journey, a very emotional one. I'm in awe of "Me & My Ghosts".

In a funny note, it's amazing that I found out about her through a blogger in Denver, when she's almost my neighbor. ¡Seriously! I have to get out of my little routine.

Another year, Another glass

It's been a year since my first post, that one was about change, represented in a glass.

This year I had a great opportunity for change, in a professional way, and I took it. This is a great challenge for me, because it requires a lot of management and commitment, I'll embrace this great chance to grow and learn. Thank you Dad for making it possible.

This change is really different, it actually came as a beautiful cup, carrying morning tea, flavor: vanilla (as most of my dreams). And wait a minute...yes, it shows another message, this time is a question.

This change is a little bit more demanding, the pieces are out there, I just have to put them together and start, how amazing.


Un cuento...

Era noviembre, además del frío intenso había una gran nube gris que solo yo podía ver, no importaban ni las risas, ni la música, ni el sol.

También era mi cumpleaños, mis compañeros en ese entonces: Martín, Sira y Maite, me regalaron palabras, ilustraciones y gráfica.

Desde entonces guardo este gran obsequio en mi caja de "tesoros", y cuando vuelve la nube, lo leo de nuevo.