Christmas Mood

Christmas is here already!! And I still haven't finished the extra little details I planned for this year. Work has really taken all my time.

Lucky for us, Amy Moss, had the amazing gesture of sharing with us this lovely templates, she made downloadable mail gift tags, gift tags and treat bags.

Remember to link to her website or to add her credit on the prints, it's the least we can do if we use them. (I suspect lovely M and K are definitively going to).

Get your printers ready and get into some ¡christmas mood!

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I've been reading Carole Guevin's blog since 2003, not only it has an impecable technical aspect and functionality, but also a great deal of commitment with creativity and sharing. I look up to people like her, because of her ideas and personality, her talent and compromise with our humanity, dreams, wishes, art.

I write about her because of the LOVE post she published, she shares with us a beautiful gift, even when she's going through moments of grief, how admirable.

Thank you Carole, LOVE for you and your family.

To all of us, let's spread the LOVE. Above the poster, which is available for free download to share and print.


The Growing Self

As I grow older I keep getting more experiences, more mistakes, more dreams, but with them they come all this responsibilities. Most of the time I get caught in between what I have to do, and what I would like to do.

Being a mother is my top duty and honor, but it takes a lot of what I wanted to achieve aside, so sometimes I get a little down.

But watching so beautiful work, inspires me. We know Tom Ford for his exquisite taste and gorgeus cuts for couture. He's an elegant man, and has accomplished so much as a fashion designer, that it's so breathtaking to see he is a great filmmaker too. ¡So inspiring!, you never know which endeavour would really show what you're trying to say, your soul, luckily some can make a living from it. I wish I can reach that point someday, or at least I'll keep writing, dreaming, and learning...trying.

Here's A Single Man's trailer, Tom Ford's debut film, I can't wait to see it. Above gorgeus pictures of the leading actors, from an article for V magazine.


World of Ely

There are angels and fairys, characters that speak through dreams and stories to be told. Ely has a great imagination and talent, she shares with us the beautiful images she sees in her mind, through her camera.

Above, the beautiful picture she used as invitation to her recent exhibition, LOVE, the model, my gorgeus dear friend Iv.

Retro Mood

A while ago my friend Martín linked me to Chris Spooner's blog, every now and then I read it, it's amazing and full of tips and ideas.

I've been looking for some tips to create retro effects on pictures, here I found a couple of posts with some good actions.

I used one on some pictures of my last trip to London, and I think they worked pretty well. For some of us who like to decorate with our own art, this is a good tool.



Lately I play a lot this beautiful album, I really liked the style, the lyrics, the voices. It's a good record for work, really nice and smooth, I LOVE IT.
I saw their performance on Ellen and when she interviewed them, Pete said that the picture of the cover was taken by his cousin, completely improvised, in a recording studio in his garage, it's so beautiful.

Here's one of the songs, my favorite, Shampoo. Come on, take a break, grab a cup of tea, press play and look outside the window. Enjoy!

For print

I found this site and I think it's very useful, sometimes I keep using the same things when I print, because of the budget. FPO (For Print Only) shows us projects and its costs, materials and finishes, looking into them I get a much wider view.

Above, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Book
for Chronicle Books.

I'm an admirer of all the Under Consideration projects, soon I hope to get one of their books.

Yellow Eyes

Even though the movie hasn't been released in Spain, I'm ready for the ¡Wild things!. We bought Ander the book, and he is the best telling the story, he enjoys being read to, but once he learns a little about a book, he likes to "read it" to us (meaning he creates his own version and pass the pages, cause he can't read yet).

I've wanted to link to this gorgeus site about the characters for months, but I'm the worst blogger ever, anyway, this is a beautiful project by Corey Godbey.

Above Jacob Souva's Contribution.

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