Best wishes...

We are so lucky, we've been chosen to be the audience of so beautiful acts. The sunrise, the aurora borealis, the music, the lightnings, the snow, the wind, the colors…

I wish you all a beautiful and spectacular new act in this gorgeous play called life.

Here's a good song to welcome a year. Gathering Stories by Jónsi from the movie We Bought A Zoo.

"Our kid zigs.
Opens doors

Over the doors

I am alive"…



Funny Lady

Loving Kristen Wiig's photo session for this month's cover of Paper Magazine. This girl had me at hello, it's not just about Bridesmaids (that she co-wrote and started), it's her style, her talent (she acts, she writes, she sings!).

Above all, what I admire is her ability to make us laugh, I mean, yesterday I was feeling kind of down, I watched this skit and laughed so hard that I almost cried. We need to laugh more, is healthy.

Tank top by ADAM Basics, skirt and shoes by Marc Jacobs



Little Bird Whispers In My Ear...

This year has been about messages, we've had a pretty hectic one, lots of changes. But I guess that everything has happened in order to give us the courage to take those steps that could get us into a happier life, accept challenges, make decisions and actually do things.

Top 5 messages taken from this year events:

1. You need to give love to receive love.
2. Budget is not a bad word.
3. Give time and you'll get happiness back.
4. Even in loss we find strength.
5. You are beautiful.

I love words, so I take some and save them for a rainy day. I love to dress them with nice typography, print or e-mail them. I'd like to believe that for every message there's a little bird that whispers in my ear, even if there are bad news.

Here are some of the words for this season, you can download them here if you like.

I'm looking forward to this new year, hopefully we'll get to grow and learn as much as we did this one. I hope you have a very happy celebration with your family and friends.

Photography: Elli O.
Art: Elli O.


After Tattoo

So in love with this photo shoot of Noomi Rapace for December's issue of BlackBook magazine. Noomi has been recognized internationally because of her incredible portray of the female character of last decade, Lisbeth Salander, in the Millenium trilogy.

After that transformtaion, which I found compelling, she now has moved on. She looks so chic and stylish, I'm looking forward to see more of her work.

Photography: Yu Tsai
Styling: Brad Goreski



I'm not only in love with this app, but so thankful too. Anna O. alias @tirelessweaver created a beautiful and awesome platform that enables anyone to be an "artist", sort of say.

Lover of patterns, as she declares, made available brushes and editable settings that give endless possibilities. I'm still learning to use it, but have already made like 20 canvas.

The other thing I like is that it randomly picks the brush, canvas background, colors and transparency, so every tap it's a new adventure (you can edit the settings every time you like). Here are some images of my "art", I did most of them during our road trip (of almost 11 hours).

Via Featured by cg.
Art: Elli O. on WURM App


Look Up

And enjoy the view. I'm amazed by the beautiful colors in the sky, this place is a little remote, so we get to see lots of open spaces. Every day we have different tones and shades. I love it. Here are some images of what I have seen...

Photos: Elli O.


Here Comes the Sun

We scheduled a week off to come to Almería. Since we arrived we've had beautiful and sunny days. We make pancakes in the morning and spend the day having long walks or visiting the towns nearby.

Time is the most precious thing we take from this trips, the amount we spend together, laughing, holding hands, kissing.

We cook every day together in the kitchen, Ander keeps running and playing with his cousin. It's lovely.

Things I love so far:
1. The Sun.
2. Kids running on their way to the swimming pool.
3. Having a cup of tea while I watch the sunset from my balcony.
4. Kids pretending they are zombies.
5. The beautiful patterns everywhere.
6. Work a little outside with a cool breeze.

We drive all those long hours, … Is to see this two have fun in their little adventure. Ander and our niece are having a blast!.

Here's the song of this trip. The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

Photos: Elli O.


There's Something About Michelle

That captivates an audience. At only 31 she's already an acclaimed actress. What I like the most of her is her focus and determination into conveying complex emotions through the characters she plays.

I've been waiting for December's issue of ELLE Magazine UK for a while. Since I saw the behind the scenes I was eager to see the photos and read the article. I've finally got the digital issue (¿How amazing is that it's available for iPhone too?). I loved the article by Jenny Dickinson, I read it over and over before I go to sleep.

Michelle has been featured in every interview and magazine because of her critically acclaimed portray of the one and only Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn.

I admire this girl's style, professionalism and above all, her dedication as a Mom without compromising her passion for her work.

Article: Jenny Dickinson
Photography: Alexei Hay
Fashion: Leith Clark
Artwork: Lisa Rahman