Nice to meet you

Meetings are like dates for me, as I close most of my deals online or by the phone I get pretty excited when I actually meet someone in person. Here's how I prepare:

My signature color is black, I try to add contrast with some bright tones in accesories, shoes or like in this case lips. For this look I used this gorgeous Joli Rouge by Clarins.
One of my favorite outfits lately: black pants, high heels, striped blouse. My favorite buy from summer, this jacket, love the detailed shoulders, super cute!, plus it works with some jeans and flats too (for a more urban look).

Gadgets I take:
iPhone (old but still works), Macbook Air (super like, beautiful and problem solver) + lovely Kaos sleeve by Tous, USB Flash Drive (husband just bought me a 32 GB new baby).

Have some pretty cards made, even if you aren't a freelancer it's nice to give your number on a card instead of a napkin. I made mine at moo, they are affordable and you can make some pretty things if you are creative. I made 3 styles, one for my Creative Shop, one for friends and one for "thank you".

My picks to complete a meeting look:
1. Kate Spade Rainspot Laptop Sleeve € 44,00
2. Swarovski Bunny USB Pearly Red €79,00
3. Swarovski Crystalline USB Pen White Pearl €65,00

Photo: Elli O.

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