Nice to meet you II

They've been some improvements since my post about professional meetings. A new tool has arrived, a beautiful white iPad (thanks mom & dad!).

Selling has become a very important part in my professional life, somehow I'm having a lot of meetings where I have to make a presentation. Getting people together and try collaborations has been my priority. So I've been updating (on a budget) my looks. One thing I had to put in consideration was the iPad case. There are so many gorgeous covers out there, I wanted one that was both protective and stylish, I went for budget and color to make the list shorter.

I decided to pick a black one, that's my color, I have to deal with that. So I went for a beautiful clutch by Marshall Bergman. Fits both iPad and Macbook Air 11", it's perfect!.

Now the looks:
I've been trying both casual and formal looks, depending on the client. For the first one I went a little urban, with a T-shirt and jacket. Medium height heels, more comfortable in case you have to run to another appointment.

For the second one I went for something a little bit formal, not too much, I got this top at Zara and fell in love, the back it's just exquisite. In this case I used super high heels and red lipstick.

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