Twenty Five, Ninety Five

That's the price of my super lovely buy of the season, I fell in love with this pants at first sight. So spring, so colorful, so happy and fun. And affordable!

I loved Kate Spade's campaign for this season, ever since I watched their musical chairs I became obsessed with the look with the pink pants. Once I got them, it was a matter of adding some accesories and patterned heels (look 1).

Even though I love style I'm not one of those girls that buy all new trends every season. I have to buy on budget so I'm pretty realistic when it comes to fashion, I'd love to accessorize or use more colors, but I have to keep it real and simple. Besides if you are comfortable and feel nice you show it and that's all that matters.

Happy pink spring!

Photography by Elli O.

2 comentarios:

  1. Fi, eres tu la de la foto? wow, hot mama! that's all I can say ... ah! y me encanta tu blog! Besos, Mayo

    1. Hola guapa, sí, soy yo. Esto fue en Marzo. Espero pronto publicar otra sesión de estilo. Muchas gracias por leer y comentar. Besos.